About us

Let’s talk about us. Well for the moment it’s just me :). My name is Sebastiaan Gamelkoorn, but to make it easy I use the name Seb de la Web for my online presence. As graphic designer I created a tons of print designs like logo, business cards, flyers, posters etc. Check my portfolio.

In 2010 I started creating WordPress websites and created +100 websites. Since 3 years I am using Flatsome as my general theme. As designer I always pushed myself to customise Flatsome as much as possible to get an unique look & feel. I simply don’t like the general WordPress theme feeling.

Seb de la Web - Flatelements

This year I started archiving my pre-made elements and are re-using them for many of my own projects. Different Flatsome users contacted me if I could support their projects on a design level. This create the idea to make the elements available for other Flatsome users.

Flatelements was born

I am proud to present you Flatelements. My collection of favourite elements to spice up your Flatsome website. Daily I am adding more elements to create an amazing library with different elements.

If you have any questions of special requests please contact me:
Email // Facebook

Thanks for your support! Your Flatsome design buddy,

Seb de la Web